Executive Board

The Digital Humanities Collaborative of North Carolina is guided by an Executive Board consisting of the following members:

Current Board


Hannah Jacobs (Duke)
hannah (dot) jacobs [at] duke (dot) edu | 919-660-6563


Maggie Murphy (UNCG)
mmurphy [at] uncg (dot) edu

Immediate Past President (ex-officio)

Nathan Kelber (JStor Labs)
nkelber [at] gmail (dot) com


Kathryn Wymer (NCCU)
kwymer [at] nccu (dot) edu | 919-530-7110

Executive Board Representatives

Kemba N’Namdi (MDH)
KembaNNamdi [at] gmail (dot) com

Donna Kain (ECU)
kaind [at] ecu (dot) edu | 252-737-2705

Natalie Ornat (UNCC)
nornat [at] uncc (dot) edu | 704-687-1412

John Knox (UNCW)
knoxj [at] uncw (dot) edu

Brooke Andrade (NHC)
bandrade [at] nationalhumanitiescenter (dot) org | 919-549-0661

Melissa Lingle-Martin (Independent Scholar)
m (dot) j (dot) linglemartin [at] gmail (dot) com

Institute Coordinator

Brett Chambers (NCCU)

Web and Co-Communications Manager

Claire Cahoon (UNC Chapel Hill)
ccahoon [at] live (dot) unc (dot) edu

About the Executive Board

The Board is elected during the spring DHC-NC Institute, and the terms last from July 1st to June 30th, roughly following the academic year. The specific duties, responsibilities, and elections procedures of the Board are outlined in the DHC-NC constitution.

Any question or concerns for the Executive Board can be directed to dhcollabnc@gmail.com.