Dukedigital@dukeEmail ListPromote digital scholarship training workshops and events
Dukefhi-events-news@duke.eduEmail ListMailing list for announcements about humanities-related events at Duke University
Dukefhi-grad-digital@duke.eduEmail ListListserv for Franklin Humanities Institiute Graduate Digital Scholarship Initiative
Dukemunch-mull-digihum-reading-group@duke.eduEmail ListDigital Humanities Reading Group
DukeMunch & MullDiscussion GroupA libraries discussion group that focuses on digital scholarship
Dukeartsvis-studentsEmail ListList of events and opportunities for the Visual Arts at Duke
DukeCMAC RendezvousForumThe Rendezvous is a regular gathering of Duke community members interested in exploring media arts, sciences, information, and cultures through informal project presentations and exchanges.
DukeCo-Lab Studio NightWorking GroupStudio Nights are our regular, informal gatherings of like-minded students who are interested in innovation, experimentation, and generally creative uses of technology.
DukeCo-Lab ListEmail ListThe official email list of Co-Lab
DukeDuke Visualization Friday ForumForumThe Visualization Friday Forum seminar series is a forum for faculty, staff and students from across the university (and beyond Duke) to share their research involving the development and/or application of visualization methodologies.
NCSUdata mattersEmail ListList for data matters group on data science
NCSUdh-ncsu@lists.ncsu.eduEmail ListThe digital humaities list at NCSU
NCSUCoffee and VizEmail ListA visualization speaker series
UNC Chapel HilldhcarolinaEmail ListMain digital humanities email list at UNC
UNC Chapel HillUNC Design LabEmail ListDesign Skills
UNC Chapel HillUNC AR/VR GroupOffice 365 GroupAlternate reality and virtual reality
UNC Chapel HillDigital Text AnalysisDiscussion GroupA group that discusses text analysis and organizes speakers on text and data mining