About Us

Digital Humanities Collaborative of North Carolina

Mission Statement

The Digital Humanities Collaborative of North Carolina is a community of practice of digital humanities scholarly, technical, and creative practitioners, teachers, and learners. The mission of the Digital Humanities Collaborative of North Carolina is to promote digital humanities projects and practices across North Carolina in an inclusive and equitable fashion. 

Digital Humanities Collaborative members work 

  • to advance the development of digital humanities projects;
  • to grow and sustain an integrated network of support and collaboration among scholars, technical experts, and others interested in the use of digital technologies for humanities research and teaching;
  • to promote outreach, engagement, and dissemination; 
  • to facilitate professional standards and training for learners in digital humanities work.

All those involved in developing, supporting, and learning more about ongoing digital humanities activities across North Carolina are welcome to join.


  1. To support digital humanities institutes each year at various institutions in North Carolina.
  2. To increase the diversity and representation of the digital humanities through our membership, leadership on the executive board, and the chosen venues and themes for the institute.
  3. To provide opportunities via both event coordination and web presences for inter-institutional communication and partnerships that showcase the power of the humanities to do public good for the people of North Carolina.


To read about how our organization works, see the DHC-NC Constitution.

Code of Conduct

To read our code of conduct, anti-harassment policy, and policy for reporting harassment violation, see the DHC-NC Code of Conduct.