Remote DH: Contribute to a new DHC-NC Blog Series

As we’re all adjusting to the changes in our lives and work, the DHC-NC would like to reach out and hear from the community during this hectic and difficult time.

The DHC-NC will be posting a community-driven blog series to share what our digital humanities work looks like remotely. If you’d like to contribute a short piece (only 300 – 1000 words) or an idea/interview that we turn into a blog post, get in touch! 

What are you working on? How has that changed or stayed the same? What do you have planned next?

Email with your pitch and we’ll let you know how you can contribute to the blog. All are welcome to write or pitch a post, and we’re open to a variety of formats, including narratives, interviews, tweets, lesson plans, tips & tricks, or calls for project participation. You can share specific examples of what you’re working on or what you’re planning next and how you’re looking ahead.

Here are some topic questions to get your started:

  • What challenges are you facing? Are they specific to your institution? To North Carolina?
  • What specific methods are you using to confront or mitigate those challenges?
  • How are you teaching DH remotely? Do classroom DH projects look different in this environment?
  • Is there technology that can bridge the virtual gap and solve problems in this time? What does this look like in the classroom? For everyday life? For research and collaboration?
  • How has DH research changed as we become socially distant? How will it continue to change?
  • How are you continuing to collaborate? How are you staying in touch with your community?
  • Can DH thrive in an online-only space? Is the assumption that digital work is easy in a digital environment valid?

We hope you’re safe and well, and we’re excited to hear what you’ve been working on across North Carolina! 

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