Election Results: Recap from the August TDHN Organizing Meeting


TDHN Organizing Meeting

Thursday, August 15th | 9:30 – 11:30am
National Humanities Center


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the organizing meeting on August 15th! Your patience has been appreciated as we’ve worked on implementing the ideas we talked through. 

As the direct outcome of the meeting, we’d like to announce the first, elected executive board for the Network:

President: Hannah Jacobs (Duke)

President-Elect: Maggie Murphy (UNCG)

Immediate Past President (ex-officio): Nathan Kelber (JStor Labs)

Secretary: Kathryn Wymer (NCCU)

Executive Board Representatives: Kemba N’Namdi (MDH); Donna Kain (ECU); Natalie Ornat (UNCC); John Knox (UNCW); Brooke Andrade (NHC); Melissa Lingle-Martin (Independent Scholar)

Web and Co-Communications Manager: Claire Cahoon (UNC Chapel Hill)

Congratulations to all those elected! We want to thank everyone who put their name forward and/or agreed to be nominated. Everyone nominated deserves to serve the Network, and we expect to be calling on everyone who has been engaged in this process in the coming months for your input as we begin establishing the next phase of the TDHN.


Meeting Notes

For those who were not able to attend the rest of the discussion, here is a summary of the meeting’s decisions (and see the full agenda here):

The first task for the executive board will be creating/refining bylaws, including:

  1. The specific structure and duties of the board
    • Future election procedures
    • Term limits and building institutional memory through succession
    • Additional advisory roles or trustee members (a larger advisory board or voting body to give voice to more opinions)
    • Any room for senior advisers, both from member institutions and from industry (Google, Adobe, Mellon, etc.)
    • Maintaining diversity on the board that represents our membership (setting some stipulations for a range of institutions, regions, personal identities, professional roles, etc.)
  2. Any appointed positions, such as a membership coordinator, web manager, and institute coordinators
  3. Membership qualifications (keeping the organization easy to join, maybe based on attending one or two events)
  4. Running of the institutes
    • Appointing an individual coordinator as a liaison from the host institution (they would form their own committee)
    • Deciding how to choose the next host institutes
  5. Membership dues and financial concerns
    • How to manage membership dues, if they’re necessary, and how to classify our organization for tax purposes
    • Determining rates and different/lower cost for students
    • What we need to fund – hosting a website, running the institutes, etc.
  6. If you would like to give feedback on the proposed bylaws, please comment in the current bylaws draft (not yet up-to-date, but a starting point)

The executive board will be moving forward with a name change:

  1. Triangle Digital Humanities Network limits us to the Research Triangle, and our membership expands beyond that
  2. We would like to have a name that encourages a wide variety of membership in the Carolinas
  3. There are several name suggestions currently, which will be workshopped and brought to the entire network before deciding.

Other updates:

  1. Digital Humanities Research Institute Grant (DHRI) applications will go out soon, and they’re very interested in having TDHN participate. We would send one representative to be trained and bring back new ideas and expertise related to running institutes (note: grant does not fund institutes).
  2. ECU is hosting a THATCamp on November 1st
  3. Stay tuned for more updates on the October TDHI at North Carolina Central University!

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