Introducing the New DHC-NC Logo and Steve Smith: Graphic Designer

An abstract image of NC with the text "Digital Humanities Collaborative of North Carolina"

The Digital Humanities Collaborative of North Carolina is proud to announce our new logo! The logo was designed by Steve Smith, whose work will be used as the new symbol of our organization. Learn more about Steve and his work in a Q&A with the graphic designer:

Please introduce yourself:
My name is Steve Smith, I live in Leicestershire in England. I qualified as a graphic designer at York University, England, and after employment for 20 years, I decided to go Self-employed. Smithdesign was established in 1997, and I have clients both nationally and internationally including F1 race teams, Space Agencies, and local businesses too including my home town football team! I design for retail, solicitors, insurers, the catering industry etc. I also supply the printed material and photography (on a charity basis) for our local church All Saints, Wigston.

How did you come to this design? How did you choose this image?
I wanted to reflect the dynamic community spirit of the organisation, the amazing work you do, and, at the same time acknowledge the State of North Carolina. The lively modern colours reflect the bright enterprising spirit, while the traditional roots of the groups heritage are reflected by the shape of state of North Carolina and the cultural wealth it has within. Made from digital pixels, the vibrant future of the group is strong and clear. The text is strikingly informative and bold, in a clean, clear contemporary font.

SA GAMMA logo, design by Steve Smith

What is your design process?
I like to get a feel for the organisation by doing research online – and if I feel a connection to the group I will start to design a personal logo.

What interests you about digital humanities and the DHC-NC?
Digital Humanities is an exciting forward thinking process that reflects our ever changing modern media life, your organisation is an inspiration to expand and educate curious minds.

If someone were interested in your design work, how should they get in touch?
My email address is – Please get in touch I would love to hear from you!

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