Summer 2021 Transitions

This post is intended to express gratitude for the Digital Humanities Collaboration membership and share some updates from the group’s leadership. 

We know that the field of digital humanities is interdisciplinary and we all have many professional organizations to choose from, so we are grateful that you all have stayed engaged with us. The biggest example of this support was the 200+ attendance level of our Institute last December…in the midst of a pandemic! The quality of the speakers and discussions was amazing and helped to remind us of the value of this community. The winter institute, along with the summer mini-institute, the monthly newsletter, social media, and the guest contributors to our blog are just the beginning of what our board has in store for the upcoming year. 

Earlier this month we had our board elections and are pleased to welcome our new board members:

Donna Kain – President-Elect

James Harr – Communications Manager

Savannah Lake – Exec Board (2021-23)

Jennifer Lozano – Exec Board (2021-23)

Kathryn Wymer – Exec Board (2021-23)

You will be hearing more from our new board members in the weeks ahead. We hope that you will continue to stay connected to the group and consider volunteering to share your expertise we are always open to fresh ideas.

We hope you are all having a relaxing summer and look forward to connecting soon!


The 2020-2021 DHC-NC Executive Board

Screenshot from the last executive board meeting, June 2021