Feedback Requested: Mission Statement, Code of Conduct, and Name Change


Feedback Requested

The Triangle Digital Humanities Executive Board has been working on creating documentation of our mission statement, code of conduct, and name. We’ve drafted these documents and are now asking for your feedback!

Over the past year, the Triangle Digital Humanities Network has experienced considerable growth and change. We began holding Triangle Digital Humanities Institutes, we established organizational leadership, and our community expanded to include individuals and institutions from across the state. We anticipate that this statewide participation will continue to grow as institutions outside of the Triangle host the Institute in the coming year. To recognize and support our community’s growth, the Executive Board has drafted a new mission statement and code of conduct and has begun exploring possible options for changing the Triangle Digital Humanities Network’s name to encompass a larger geographic area.

Drafts for these three documents are stored in Google Docs (linked below), where you can read and make comments. To add a comment, highlight the portion of text you wish to remark on and click the “add comment” button in the top toolbar (the icon looks like a square speech bubble with a plus sign inside).

Please give your honest feedback on any changes you see fit, but be respectful of others’ opinions, and recognize that your comments are public.

We will hold an in-person discussion on all three of these documents on Thursday, October 24th at the Fall Triangle Digital Humanities Institute, held at NCCU (see the TDHI page for details). The commenting period will be open until Friday, October 25th, followed by a remote community voting period.

Documents for Review

Draft Code of Conduct
A document outlining the code of conduct, anti-harassment policy, and the policy for reporting violations, to be used at all TDHN events, meetings, and online forums.

Draft Mission Statement
A statement of the organization’s purpose and goals.

Name Options
The name of our organization is going to change to reflect the growth of our group, from an organization based in the research triangle to one that spans North Carolina. This document contains our naming criteria and options for your input.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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