Meet Darius: The TDHN Mascot

You may have seen our little robot friend around the website, Twitter, or at a TDHN event and wondered, “what the heck is that?” Well, the wait is over, your questions answered, because we’re formally introducing our mascot, Darius Hardscrabble (DH for short) to the network!

Darius Hardscrabble, the TDHN mascot
Darius Hardscrabble in his original form
action figure of Darius Hardscrabble, a robot
A Darius Hardscrabble action figure

Darius was born early in TDHN’s rebirth when Nathan Kelber created the TDHN Twitter account, which retweets posts that include #triangledh. When it came time to add a profile picture, he created a quick sketch of a robot in Microsoft Paint and slapped it onto the newest TDHN twitter bot, never knowing the heights that his creation would later achieve.

Darius’s cheery face, jaunty head bobbles, and skinny arms were endearing to the masses (aka, the graduate students working on the project with him), and the robot was thereby christened Darius Hardscrabble by Kristina Bush before being officially declared the TDHN mascot. As our miniature, benevolent cyber overlord, Darius is close to all of us, and he has only grown in fame and fortune since he was born to serve as the face of TDHN.

Darius' Twitter profile
Darius Hardscrabble’s Twitter profile

Currently, Darius is in charge of the TDHN email account, (with some help from his human underlings, Claire Cahoon, Kristina Bush, and Nathan Kelber), he has his original Twitter account (@triangledh), he is featured on our TDHN buttons and posters, and, if you’re lucky, you may see a limited edition 3D printed Darius action figure around town.

Darius represents the hopes and dreams of the network, and we have worked to create a network of people interested in dh in the triangle that would make him proud. Below we have listed some never-before seen behind-the-scenes photos of Darius over the past few months as he came into being and began to shape TDHN into the network it is today.

Three Darius action figures in a row
Three Darius Hardscrabble action figures, ready to spring into action

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