Meet Darius: The TDHN Mascot

You may have seen our little robot friend around the website, Twitter, or at a TDHN event and wondered, “what the heck is that?” Well, the wait is over, your questions answered, because we’re formally introducing our mascot, Darius Hardscrabble (DH for short) to the network! Darius was born early in TDHN’s rebirth when Nathan Kelber … Continue reading “Meet Darius: The TDHN Mascot”

Conference Lessons: The Realities of DH and Librarianship

As part of winning the Atiyeh Prize, the week of November 12 I attended the Middle East Librarians Association (MELA) and Middle East Studies Association (MESA) conferences. My work with Syriac Paleography is actually what introduced me to the digital humanities as an undergraduate at Mount Holyoke College. I began as a research assistant on … Continue reading “Conference Lessons: The Realities of DH and Librarianship”

Why does the Triangle need a DH Network?

Giraffe onesie hanging up on a rack of dresses

Last week, I found something interesting at the thrift store: a giraffe onesie, hanging up with the dresses. You can imagine the confusion of the poor employee who sorted this thing. Does a onesie belong in sleepwear or coats? Should they throw it into the stuffed animals bin with the rest of the giraffes? “Women’s … Continue reading “Why does the Triangle need a DH Network?”