Interview with Sean Swanick

Small collection of books at Ezbikiyya

I had the opportunity to interview Sean Swanick, Duke’s Librarian for Middle East and Islamic Studies. We discussed the librarian’s role both supporting and participating in digital humanities projects. Describe your involvement with DH projects at your institution. Currently there are three DH-related projects at Duke University which relate to the Middle East and Islamic … Continue reading “Interview with Sean Swanick”

Library Carpentry Review: A Great Introduction to Digital Scholarship Skills

Library Carpentry logo

In October, I joined a group of librarians and library graduate students for a two-day Library Carpentry workshop at UNC’s Davis Library. The workshop is part of a larger organization that extends all over the world to teach introductory skills for data management and digital tools. Our workshop was typical of their style and included … Continue reading “Library Carpentry Review: A Great Introduction to Digital Scholarship Skills”

Conference Lessons: The Realities of DH and Librarianship

As part of winning the Atiyeh Prize, the week of November 12 I attended the Middle East Librarians Association (MELA) and Middle East Studies Association (MESA) conferences. My work with Syriac Paleography is actually what introduced me to the digital humanities as an undergraduate at Mount Holyoke College. I began as a research assistant on … Continue reading “Conference Lessons: The Realities of DH and Librarianship”