Hunter Corb: Social Networks of Women in the Book Trade

17th century book trade

Hunter Corb is a second year Master of Library Science candidate at UNC’s School of Library and Information Science. With a focus in archives and rare books, Corb is currently working on a digital humanities master’s paper to finish up his degree. The project is a social network analysis investigating the role of women in … Continue reading “Hunter Corb: Social Networks of Women in the Book Trade”

Highlight: NC Clear Path

NC Clear Path is a start-up with a mission to harness GIS data to “provide safe and accessible trip planning on pedestrian ways for people with limited mobility.” Since winning the 2018 Civic Camp Hackathon, this start-up has been making huge strides in gathering the geographical data that it needs in the past few months. … Continue reading “Highlight: NC Clear Path”

“Pirating Texts” – an Interview with Grant Glass

Collage of Robinson Crusoe covers

Grant Glass is a PhD student at UNC Chapel Hill and a Graduate Fellow at Duke University, focusing on work in digital humanities and British literature. Grant led a research team during the summer of 2018 to create Pirating Texts, a project related to his dissertation work using algorithmic text analysis to find social, historical, and literary … Continue reading ““Pirating Texts” – an Interview with Grant Glass”

The William Blake Archive’s Pencil Drawings Highlight Access for All

William Blake pencil drawing - female with horse's head

If you’ve never had the opportunity to browse through the Blake archive, take their newest addition to the collection as an excuse to get lost in the art and poetry of William Blake (1757 – 1827). On October 31st, the William Blake Archive announced the addition of 43 digitized pencil drawings done by Blake, now … Continue reading “The William Blake Archive’s Pencil Drawings Highlight Access for All”

“Intimate Fields” – an Interview with Helen Burgess and Maggie Simon

Loves Garland, tagged with NFC chips

Helen Burgess and Maggie Simon, both English professors at NC State, recently published their project Intimate Fields as part of the Kits for Cultural History series through The Maker Lab in the Humanities (MLab) at the University of Victoria. Check out the original publication here, and read about the project in their own words below: … Continue reading ““Intimate Fields” – an Interview with Helen Burgess and Maggie Simon”

Ecological Data Visualization: Give your Feedback!

screenshot of Ecological Data Visualization website homepage

Some of the most exciting digital projects in the Triangle are a result of student work. Many student digital projects have been created through Duke University’s Data+ summer program in collaboration with research teams on the campus, like the Bernhardt Lab, that helped create the Ecological Data Visualization project in 2017. The Ecological Data Visualization … Continue reading “Ecological Data Visualization: Give your Feedback!”